Why piano lessons?

Music instruction is a wonderful tool to develop discipline and coordination in younger students. Studies among school-aged children have also shown that it can have a positive impact on other areas of learning, such as verbal memory skills, spatial reasoning and math. Music instruction provides a creative outlet for all ages and is an enjoyable, lifelong hobby.

But piano lessons are not just for kids! Many adult students find that playing piano is the perfect hobby, providing both mental stimulation and stress reduction. Also, it’s fun!

What do I need?

You will need to have a piano or keyboard for practice. Remember, lessons are not practice time. Practice must be done at home to see benefits from lessons. Even a simple keyboard is sufficient to get started.

Most students begin with a method book, but you will not need this at your first lesson. Once we have met and I have an idea of your goals, I will assign a method for you to purchase.

How much does it cost?

We will meet for 30 minutes, once per week. Cost for lessons is $80 monthly.

How do I start?

Click here to get more information about lessons. I’m happy to answer your questions.